CoopSim - A Computer Simulation of the Evolution of Cooperation. User's Manual

1 Introduction
2 Aknowledgements
3 License
4 Installation
5 First Steps - A guided tour through CoopSim
6 Comprehensive Overview
    6.1 File Menu
    6.2 Edit Menu
    6.3 Simulation Menu
        6.3.1 New Simulation
        6.3.2 Edit Simulation
        6.3.3 The Simulation Setups
        6.3.4 Remove Models
    6.4 Help Menu
7 Advanced Topics
8 Further Reading

6.3.2 Edit Simulation

Same as New Simulation, only that the current simulation setup is manipulated instead of creating a new simulation setup. Simulation setups that have been programmed on the User Defined Strategies page can not be edited. You will have to create a new simulation setup instead. In this case the parameters population and mutators will be reset to their default values in order to avoid incongruous setup data. (Setup data would become incongruous if it specifies the mutation of a strategy to another strategy that has manually been removed from the setup).

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