CoopSim - A Computer Simulation of the Evolution of Cooperation. User's Manual

1 Introduction
2 Aknowledgements
3 License
4 Installation
5 First Steps - A guided tour through CoopSim
6 Comprehensive Overview
7 Advanced Topics
8 Further Reading

2 Aknowledgements

CoopSim is based on the description of a computer tournament in Robert Axelrod's book “The Evolution of Cooperation”. The nomenclature (“computer tournament”, “ecological simulation”) has been taken from this book. Some of the strategies built into CoopSim are (sometimes only loosely) based on strategies with the same name described in Axelrods book.

I would also like to thank the following people for contributing strategies of their own: Alex Mainzer, Björn van den Bruck, Christian Erlen, Stefan Pennartz, Sven Sommer, Paul Boehm.

Finally, I would like to thank the initiators, makers and contributers to the Python programming language ( and the wxWidgets GUI-Toolkit (; Python and wxWidgets are open source software packages without which the making of CoopSim would not have been possible in this form.

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