CoopSim - A Computer Simulation of the Evolution of Cooperation. User's Manual

1 Introduction
2 Aknowledgements
3 License
4 Installation
5 First Steps - A guided tour through CoopSim
6 Comprehensive Overview
    6.1 File Menu
    6.2 Edit Menu
    6.3 Simulation Menu
        6.3.1 New Simulation
        6.3.2 Edit Simulation
        6.3.3 The Simulation Setups
        6.3.4 Remove Models
    6.4 Help Menu
7 Advanced Topics
8 Further Reading

6.3 Simulation Menu

6.3.1 New Simulation

Invokes the setup dialog for setting up a new simulation. In the setup-dialog the set of strategies that take part in the tournament can be selected, and the payoff parameters T (tempation of cheating), R (reward for cooperation), P (punishment for mutual non cooperation), S (sucker's payoff) and the parameters Noise, Correlation, Background noise can be adjusted. The latter three of these parameters can be assigned percentage values from 0 to 100 percent. Noise specifies the in game noise that is a random probability with which the move of a player is turned into its opposite. Correlation determines how often players meet with players of their own kind. It ranges from totally random (= 0 %) to the closest possible correlation when only players of the same type meet (= 100 %). (Try a tournament between DOVE and HAWK and change this parameter in steps of 10 % from 0 % to 50 %. What can you observe?) Background noise specifies an evolutionary background noise meaning that reproduction does depend on the fitness plus/minus a certain random factor.

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