Validation of Computer Simulations from a Kuhnian Perspective

von Eckhart Arnold

1 Introduction
2 Kuhn's philosophy of science
3 A revolution, but not a Kuhnian revolution: Computer simulations in science
4 Validation of Simulations from a Kuhnian perspective
    4.1 Do computer simulations require a new paradigm of validation?
    4.2 Validation of simulations and the Duhem-Quine-thesis
    4.3 Validation of social simulations
        4.3.1 Where social simulations differ
        4.3.2 Are social simulations still in a pre-scientific stage?
5 Summary and Conclusions

4.3 Validation of social simulations

Most of the discussion so far and all of the examples were centered around science and engineering. Therefore, in the following I am going to briefly discuss questions concerning the validation of simulations that are more specific for the social sciences.

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