Can the Best-Alternative-Justification solve Hume's Problem?
On the Limits of a Promising Approach

Eckhart Arnold

1 Introduction
2 Schurz' basic approach
3 Schurz' central results
4 Limitations of Schurz' approach: Confinement to the finite
5 Open Questions
6 Conclusion

6 Conclusion

Summing it up, what can be achieved with prediction games with respect to inductive inferences is a non-trivial result which shows that if only a finite number of prediction strategies are involved there exists with the “(collective) weighted average meta-inductivist” a strategy that is an approximately best strategy in all possible worlds. However, it can also be demonstrated that no approximately best strategy exists if an infinite number of alternative prediction strategies is involved. And there is some reason to believe that for a full solution to the problem of induction the restriction to a finite number of alternative prediction methods is insufficient. If this is true, then the best alternative justification cannot offer a full solution to the problem of induction.

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