PyPlotter - A Python/Jython Graph Plotting Package. Manual

Eckhart Arnold

1 Introduction
2 License
3 Screenshots
4 Quick Tutorial
5 Reference
    5.1 Overview
    5.2 Class Graph.Cartesian
    5.3 Class Simplex.Diagram
6 Implementing a new device driver for PyPlotter

5.1 Overview

PyPlotter basically consists of two parts, a front end part and a back end part. The front end part comprises the high level classes to plot cartesian graphs or simplex diagrams. These are the class Cartesian from the Graph module and class Diagram from the Simplex module. The backend part is a simple driver interface that is defined in the Gfx module. There exist several implementations of this driver interface for different graphical user interfaces. They are located in the modules named **Gfx.

Package PyPlotter consists of the following Modules:

A helper module to ensure compatibility with different Python versions (Verions 2.1 through to Version 2.4) as well as compatibility with Jython 2.1 .
A helper module for dealing with colors. If contains a list of well distinguishable colors (useful if drawing many graphs on one single plain) and a few filter functions that help assigning similar color shades to graphs that belong to the same of several groups.
This module defines the driver interface (class Driver). It also contains class Pen to store a set of graphical attributes such as color, line width etc.
These modules contain implementations of Gfx.Driver for different GUIs. There are drivers for the following GUI toolkits:
Contains the high level class Cartesian for drawing graphs on a cartesian plain. It also contains a number of intermediate level classes for mapping virtual to screen coordinates etc.
Contains the high level class Diagram for drawing simplex diagrams of population dynamics. Within in this module also some intermediate classes for simplex drawing and coordinate transformation are implemented.

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