PyPlotter - A Python/Jython Graph Plotting Package. Manual

Eckhart Arnold

1 Introduction
2 License
3 Screenshots
4 Quick Tutorial
5 Reference
6 Implementing a new device driver for PyPlotter

1 Introduction

PyPlotter is a 2D graph plotting package for Python and Jython (the java version of Python). It contains classes for drawing graphs on a cartesian coordinate plain (with linar or logarithmic scale) and for plotting 2D simplex diagrams. PyPlotter supports different GUI libraries and can easily adapted to other GUIs or output devices by implementing a very simple driver interface. Currently (Version 0.9.2), tk, gtk, qt, wxWidgets, java awt and postscript are supported as output devices.

Since Version 0.9.2 PyPlotter is Python 3 compatible. However, the drivers and are not (yet) Python 3 compatible.

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